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Born and raised in South Texas, DJ Jon O’s hometown is Corpus Christi, Texas. DJ Jon O did not grow up in the 70’s or 80’, but his love and passion for music started when he was just 15 years old, specifically the 70’s and 80’s. He’s always enjoyed listening to 70’s, 80’s, new wave, 90’s & 2000’s era music. Pursuing his passion, he then started to take it another level by learning how to DJ on Dual CD players. He then progressed to turntables with vinyl records, and then began to master his craft by learning how to mix songs back to back and beat to beat, with smooth transitions, along DJ-style scratching with vinyl records. His next goal was to begin his radio career. Ed Ocanas, his mentor, and the man who gave him his first break with a radio gig at Z95, believed in his ability and DJ Jon O has been doing it, since! His 13-year radio career has given him experience as an on-air personality, on-air mixer, club DJ at Tejanoville, Club Toxic, Macaws Street Pub for the original Saturday Night Retro Party (currently THE NEST) and Chelsea’s. His master mixing skills can be heard at two clubs weekly on Retro 104.1…Chelsea’s Weekend Starter Party on Fridays & The Original Saturday Night Retro Party on Saturdays at The Nest.

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